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Fred Del Marva is one of the most experienced dram shop experts in America today. Mr. Del Marva has spent several decades building a reputation and business helping companies avoid dram shop law suits.

He believes strongly that thoughtful training of management and employees about dram shop law is the best way of doing business. After all, procedures that limit drunk driving and alcohol related accidents are best for both businesses and society in general. He is proud of his dram shop and security consulting that has protected businesses and patrons since 1986.

More recently, Mr. Del Marva has become one of the premier dram shop experts testifying in courts throughout the country. He is easily one of the most credible dram shop authorities for a variety of reasons.

First, he spent decades training casino personnel and bar staff on how to deal with the complexities associated with businesses that rely on alcohol service. Second, he has seen businesses with ideal training sued without cause; and he has represented families victimized by the inexcusable lack of dram shop training by huge companies. Mr. Del Marva has built a reputation supporting those unfairly harmed by reckless businesses; as well as defending businesses trying to do the right thing. He has spent a lifetime witnessing the dangers of alcohol, and knows the difference between an irresponsible business and personal responsibility.

Finally, Fred Del Marva is one of the most competent and experienced dram shop witnesses available. He has been retained as an expert witness in over eight hundred hospitality related cases (with at least 300 being dram shop) and has testified approximately fifty times in 25 different states. He was the expert witness for the plaintiff in the largest dram shop case in American history (over $135 million). In the past ten years he has been the expert in cases that have resulted in over $300 million in dram shop verdicts or settlements. He regularly defends responsible businesses, and has been successful because he focuses on the reality of local dram shop law and how it affects personal and business liability.


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